About Lemons and Juices

Lemons and Juices do not just represent the fruits but they also present a symbol of positivity and gives a feeling of refreshment. The idea behind lemonsandjuices.com is to visualize the freshness, a sweet juice that could fit and be related to our real life. Our lives should be juicy and fresh at any given moment.

About me, most of the time is indulged in handling operations and processes for my IT-based business. In those busy times, I do encounter some moments when I have an urge to write down my feelings and thoughts on paper. Though most of the time I talk about management processes with my team, what about life and its various juicy components? I possess interests in sketching, painting, photography, and travel. In my blog, I would be sharing my thoughts on life, my sketches, discussing various components, if-else of life and writing my travel experiences.

I welcome all the readers and provide me their thoughts and feelings on my upcoming posts, so we can all listen to each others perspective. I feel every one of us have different lives and stories and could experience differently for a same given situation. It would be crazy to know each other and support the living and making up a gratifying mindset.

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