Best Hotel in Mauritius – Lux Belle Mare Luxury Beach Resort

Lux Belle Mare Hotel Views

I am very happy to pin down the experience I had in one of the most beautiful and best luxury resorts in Mauritius, Lux Belle Mare. We had our honeymoon there and indeed it is one of the most chosen beach resort for a romantic getaway. The warm welcome by the hotel made us happy and in connection with them. The five-star luxury beach resort has so many views to charge up your mood, activities and spa by the hotel itself to indulge you and leaving your vacation a memorable one.

Garden Views – Lux Belle Mare Hotel

I have liven up every single moment during my stay. My room offered a garden view which looks beautiful during the morning and the evening. I usually had the morning tea sips while walking around the garden and watching the purest nature ever.

Swimming Pool – Lux Belle Mare Hotel

The hotel has a vibrant energy and not to mention, the largest swimming pool in Mauritius that any hotel can offer to its visitors. The food is awesome and the staff is very courteous. I have never received such warmth and love from the management and staff at the same time. The guest is valued

Activities around Lux Belle Mare Beach Resort Hotel

As Lux Belle Mare is beautifully landscaped in the village of Belle Mare, Mauritius, not only it offers a peaceful environment but also the glimpses of farming from the local people. Adjoining to Lux Belle Mare resort, there is a beach where water sports activities are carried out deepening your love with the sea and place.

I feel so connected with this place that if given another chance I would go again and live here in one of the finest hotels of Mauritius.

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