6 Reasons to visit Spiti Valley

I have been on treks in the Himalayas most of the time but this time in Spiti, I have looked upon many things inwardly. It may be due to the long vacation, cultural differences or habitat/climate differences. I would welcome more observations on that. However summing up the one as much I can:

Meeting new people – When you are out on vacation and in a new place, you meet new and like-minded people. In this route, I met the 50+ aged couple who were on road trip to Spiti despite having medical problems. They were so passionate about traveling that anyone could get old age couple goals from them. They were very wise and gave us important life lessons. I also met a Travel Researcher from Lonely Planet and the way he described his job and responsibilities, it looked like a dream job. It was all about travel, research, create reports and submit. It was crazy to meet a lot of solo travelers, Lamas and local people from Kaza and neighboring villages.

Experience gratitude – Yeah, you will definitely feel gratitude towards what all facilities you have when you are living in the city. People from villages like Hikkim, Langza etc seriously face lack of medical facilities and their livelihood is seriously affected when it does not rain. The temperature is dry and so cold in winters that their skin tends to break or incurs cracks, due to lack of moisture. Despite that, I saw people smiling and welcoming tourists. Isn’t that warm but in cities what people have to do is to complain and that never ends 🙂  This is something we need to learn, to be content with what we have, be it is limited and be its vast.
Yes! people really understand the point of carefully using the resources nature offer to them, as they know, that survival is not possible without it. But here in city people have resources in abundance and so they take it for granted.

Check your limits – Due to the height of Spiti Valley, maybe you experience AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), and that is the point where you get to know about your health. So that’s a good way to come out of your comfort zone and try your luck at small treks like Savage point in Demul, Fossil explorations in Langza or chandertaal trek.

Get some inspiration – You never know whom you are going to meet and learn something new. So here I asked a question to the head lama of Tabo Monastery, of what is more important, going by what society says or listen to you inner self, be it wrong or right. So I got the answer to listen to your inner self first. If you can balance both of your inner to the society it is good. And if not, check your inner, write the pros and cons, make the decisions and stick to it. In this way, you won’t regret too. 🙂

Admire Nature – Spiti is undoubtedly going to be the best vacation of yours as you can see different colors of nature’s landscape. Yes, we are evolved from nature itself and must take out some time to admire the beautiful nature we are part of. Not all, but some would feel some responsibility towards it. I have felt my personal responsibility of not making the public places dirty with plastics wastes and to carry and purchase non-plastic products as much as I can.

Experience change in perspective – During the whole trip, as I was not on my laptop or phone, due to nonavailability of signal, my lifestyle of early to bed and early to rise got automatically in line. Plus, I started eating lighter and healthier food. So, I noticed people were talking and in fact, I was reading books when I was not on phone. Smartphones and social media is so into our lives that we are more interested in checking our notifications and emails than taking out spare time and interacting and listening to people around us. Not all, but with most of the people this happens.

To all the spiti lovers, I would love to add more points to this article with your help, observations and experiences.

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