3 days break to the Tirthan Valley Experience

Last weekend I have been to Tirthan Valley 25-27 May 2018 and I must say I had an amazing trip as both days I trek. While you can find the location on google maps and create your route to reach there, I am just going to write down my experience here with respect to my stay and places I visited.

Tirthan Valley Location

Best time to visit Tirthan Valley

Aaah! When its Himalayas you may visit anytime. When there are summers, you enjoy the warmth of the air in the day and breezy air in evenings. And, in winters, you enjoy the snow and chilling weather. The specific time I am mentioning is the period March-mid May and Sept-Nov when the weather is bearable and good to enjoy and relax.

How to plan your Tirthan Visit

Book a camp with a good location. Good location contributes for overall location, the distance of the location from the sightseeing points and other amenities. Well, this is something I have experienced. My trip was amazing due to the amazing accommodation I was staying at. I was staying at Tirthan Holidays Camp (A Riverside Camping Resort)  which was parallel to the flowing river and near to Chhoie waterfall.

The tents were very big and cleanenough to accommodate 4-5 persons at a time. They had few tents that had beds and attached bathroom to it. So, it was quite a luxury for us. We had a bonfire too and all this we got in Rs 1400/- per person (including breakfast and dinner), as we were 14 in number. You may have a look at the accommodation below.


I am really thankful to the organizer Mr. Ashutosh Sharma (Phone: 08219786620) for giving such a comfortable stay.

Places to Visit in Tirthan Valley

Though, even if you keep driving the hills, you are a part of journey :). But in 3 days break one can cover Serloskar Lake, Chhoi Waterfall, Great Himalayan National Park.

Nearby our Holiday Camp, we went to a small trek of 10kms( 4to 5 km one side) to the Chhoie waterfall. There you can relax under the breezy and chilling waterfall.

I witnessed lots of goats there and spent quite a quality time with self and nature. Below are the few glimpses of Chhoie waterfall.

The second amazing place I witnessed was Serloskar Lake, a trek from Jalori Pass of around 7 km one side (total 14 km).

It was around 30 km far from our accommodation. The trek was quite easy for regulars and moderate for beginners. All the time from start to finish, you would have an urge to set up a tent and stay a night there. It was all calm and if you don’t make noise, you can hear yourself, the birds chirping and the voice of leaves falling from the trees.
So now you are the top of a hill, it is quite cold as you reach up there and when the sun starts settling down. Just 5 mins before you reach Serloskar lake, there are 5-7 cafes, each one competing to provide the luxurious and tasty food you can get at the place where few people come and go. Well, I had a plate of Rajma rice, Maggi and, a super duper tea. I had to return the other day, else that was the perfect place to setup your tents.

Well, there is a homestay too and if you want to stay a night there, you can book it earlier and planning it with your guide. This homestay is near to the cafes and quite visible from the trek path when you cross the cafes.

The best part of the this trek was that you can witness and do some prayers at the temple, situated just at the start of trek to the lake, and at the temple, situated at end of the trek (near Serloskar lake).

Tips to carry

  • Carry a jacket if you plan to go to the Serloskar lake
  • Do not forget to carry water bottles
  • At last, do not forget to bring your waste plastics and packets with yourself to put in dustbins, and save the Himalayas. Keep them clean and beautiful.

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