The Rejuvenating “KheerGanga” Trip

In the northern region of India, summers usually begin around March and continue till October. To beat the summers and to rejuvenate, the road to Kasol and trek to Kheerganga (located in Himachal Pradesh) contributes a lot. March-May is the ideal month to visit Kasol when temperature varies from 15 to 24 degrees Celsius. If you are trekking to Kheerganga then the temperature drops up to 3 to 5 degrees. After May, the temperature rises up to 35 degrees significantly.

It was an official trip and on 27th April midnight, we headed towards KASOL, which is 290 km far. This was my first trek and stay experience, a lot of things went as planned but few things got underestimate. We started from Chandigarh and reached Kasol via Bilaspur and SunderNagar. Trust me, choose the night time to cover the huge distance to skip traffic on the road as many small cities come through which are quite populated. The time when we reached SunderNagar was around 6 AM and we encountered a breathtaking view with all clouds were so low and visible that it made me say “Sundernagar “ is real “Sunder” (beautiful).

After crossing SunderNagar, one can view the beautiful scenery, driving on a beautiful road with a flowing river on the other side. It is the Parvati river and many instances come when you would want to definitely pause the drive, stop and enjoy outside taking pictures.

Kasol Mountains

We booked a room in Yerpa restaurant and bar and it was big enough to accommodate 5 of us. They had all the basic facilities to offer hot water, quilts, and wifi. The hotel is situated in Kasol city only and the food was good.
We did not had much time to explore city as we had to trek to Kheerganga on the other day. We had snacks at Mama cafe, a local cafe, which was full of Israeli’s and food was super-awesome though they take little extra time for preparation and deliver food in order the guests arrive.

On 29th April, we begin from Kasol to Barshini in our Car. One can hire a taxi to reach Barshini too. Barshini is the stop from where we started our trek. The 11km trek to KheerGanga is moderately difficult. You will find many eating joints in between that give a sense of relief to the trekkers. Up to 6 Km, the terrain is muddy covering a village and after 6 Km the real rocky slope begins. It covers the heavy forests with many little and big waterfalls to cross through. We stopped at 2 eating joints to relax and had food. The whole trek covers breathtaking and stunning.




Once you reach the top, all the fatigue disappears and all you have to do is to find your camp. Some of the passionate trekkers had brought their own camping stuff. The place was enclosed by the view of mountains all around. Some of them had snow. Situated a Shiv-Parvati temple calls you to pray there once you had a bath in hot water spring, that is the eye-catching to-do activity. It was raining all night and in morning around 9 AM snowfall started unexpectedly. The whole view was covered with snow within the 2 hours. After the rain stopped we packed our bags and started for the return to Kasol. Yeah indeed it is an achievement and I am sure it is a sure shot place to re-visit.


Essential Plans

  • Check the weather forecast before you begin and yes do not ignore the forecasts. I did and I had to suffer because I had no winter clothes and umbrella. I had to buy there from Kasol.
  • Do not just believe on camping arrangements, what you see on social profiles. The one we booked, Shiv Shanti, lied us. What we saw in pictures and in reality, was totally different. So double check with the owners.
  • Carry a waterproof backpack as it may really rain if weather forecasts that.
  • Carry an umbrella as the washrooms setups are outside the camping setups and if it rains, one could be wet and the temperature drops at night, which can be a troublesome situation.
  • Carry a winter, waterproof jacket that protects from chilling air. Additionally, warm socks, pajama, and gloves should be carried. Their use is optional but it’s mandatory to carry.
  • Other important stuff to carry is hand-sanitizers, bandaids, betadine, cotton, bandage, and medicines.
  • At Barshini, few people offer sticks varying from Rs 20-30 which is negotiable. If you are a first-time trekker, this will help to make the grip on uphills and downhills, as some of the areas are wet and muddy.
  • Carry water bottles and if you are not fond of eating outside, you may carry fruits or chips/light snacks.
  • If you are planning to have a bath in hot water springs, do carry a towel too.

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