Meeting Old Friends – an Emotional Therapeutic Tool for our Souls

Meeting an old friend is one of the most emotional therapeutic tools for our mind and soul. These days I have come to Delhi to meet my parents and friends. It is very important to take time from our busy schedules for our loved ones. So yesterday I met one of my old friend whom I have not seen since 2009. Yes! after 10 years, the energy and the spark remained same. I felt just like normal, like if I am meeting her daily.

We did share lot of experiences and cherished old memories of our hostel times. When I was coming back, I was carried away with a feeling that how we humans belong to each other.

Though we all are individuals, came here to live our own lives, to experience and live our own lessons, but the world is running on Love and Hope. We all are actually connected to each other and love is a primary ingredient. We just need Love and concern from our loved ones. Either we can get love or we can spread it, and in both ways, one can feel immense satisfaction of belongingness to one another. We feel complete. This feeds our mind and soul.

I even shared on Facebook, a picture of our happy unite and to my surprise, all of my batch-mates were like urging to have a get-together. So this urge of connection, the attachment is deniable and it is an ONE feeling. The comments from everyone converges to a common realization that we all want to meet people and share Love but refrain ourselves from doing so, throwing the excuses on our occupied lives. When I realized this, how much this is important, I had a commitment that wherever I go, I will meet all the people who had crossed my life in any phase.

It is actually just a matter of giving priority. So what are you waiting for? Connect with your friends, set the date, time, place and commit to it.

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